Ecological education

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Ecological education – one of the priorities of NNP “Synevyr”, because it considers as an important part of harm becoming of the society.

NNP “Synevyr” become the center of ecological education organization and training at the top of Tereblya valley of Transcarpathia region, purposeful impact on the outlook, behavior, an activity of the population in the way of ecological consciousness and attacking the locals to save the natural heritage.

Institution, as to “Positions about ecological-educational activity reserves a national natural parks of Ukraine” and others ledge acts access works in such ways:

- Conducting an ecological events, includes practical of guarding and saving the nature, moreover with attraction in it the society;

- Conducting an active propaganda environmental activity of edition, the ecological-educational magazine “Synij Vyr”, flyers and booklets;

- Co-work with mass-media, internet-publications, public associations, local governments, religious publics, environmental institutions of Ukraine etc;

- Participation in the festivals, exhibitions and other forums ecologic-educational and environmental direction;

- Systematic work with pupils of ecological groups in the general schools of the area.

NNP “Synevyr” makes a different activity in the way of education the population. The main attention attracts to the work with young people, because it is the future of our country. Today pupils become adult and depends of their outlook positions will depend the quality of actions on the wealth of society and nature.

At the base of the visit-center of national natural park “Synevyr” conducting the seminars of ecological ethic for the pupils from all schools of the region.

Conducting the ecological events – access way to attract the attention of society to the environmental problems. Traditionally at NNP “Synevyr” become events “Yalynka”, “Prolisok”, “Chysta richka”, and also those, which are dedicated to some ecological days: "International Day of Wetlands", "World Day of Forests", "World Water Day", "Day of the meeting the birds", "Environment’s Day", "Earth Day," "International Day of Climate", "World Environment’s Day" "Day of the natural reserve management", "World animal’s day", and so on.

National park “Synevyr” took active part in different festivals, firstly in those, which conducting in its brinks, as: “Send-off the flocks on the mountain meadow”, “The trembits call to Synevyr”, “Towards Carpathians”, where present the exhibition about environmental institution.

The important part is a co-work with mass-media. The main in this is regional ecologic-educational magazine “Synij Vyr”.

Ecologic-educational work contributes the providing of reserve case support of wide population, forming in the citizens of the land modern ideas about the role of reserves in the case of saving biodiversity, which is a basis for stability of the biosphere.

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