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The meeting of the emergency antiepizootic commission was held


On the 28th of March, the meeting of the extraordinary antiepizootic commission was held under the chairmanship of the first deputy chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Victor Mykulin. An introductory speech was by Ivan Guledza, Head of the Main Department of the State Committee for Consumer Goods and Consumer Protection in the Transcarpathian region.

More about the epizootic situation regarding African swine fever and the state of implementation of measures to eliminate AHS in wild pigs reported by the head of the Food Safety and Veterinary Medicine Department Julius Shimon. The meeting was attended by director of NNP "Synevyr" Mykola Derbak. Currently, the National Park is taking measures to prevent the spread of African plague. The State Guard Service carries out regular inspections of detours for the purpose of identifying wild boar locations, their numbers, migration, behavior, and the presence of fallout.

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