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Meeting with schoolchildren

Formation of ecological culture and involvement of people in solving urgent environmental problems is the main task of environmental education activities. Special attention in NNP "Synevyr" pays to work with youth. Close cooperation has been established between the Synevyr National Park and the regional educational institutions. Employees of the Department of Ecological Education frequent school guests, where they spend interesting events with young people: lessons, conversations, trips, contests - all that contributes to the formation of an environmental outlook. The preparation of this work takes place at a professional level. Much attention is paid to visual materials and interactive work methods.

The basic establishment for conducting environmental education became the visit center of the NNP "Synevyr". In addition to seminars, "round tables", conferences, meetings, lectures, conversations, quizzes, exhibitions and other forms of work are conducting here. Ecological and educational work of NNP "Synevyr" plays an important role for the formation of environmental protection of citizens, modern ideas about the role of nature-protected territories and contributes to ensuring the maintenance of conservation activities by the general population, preserving biodiversity on the way to sustainable development. In the photo: ecological educational event with pupils of Gorb secondary school.

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