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Tourist routes
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Remember about safety!


Nature is our home.

The National Natural Park "Synevyr" is a territory with a unique natural landscape, which is the habitat for many species of animals and plants, including rare ones.

The environment is also our home, but it is worth remembering that a person is not the owner of nature, but only a participant in the process of environmental development. No harm to the environment - this is the main eco-label for each of us. Sometimes, it would seem small things, but bring nature to great harm. Many citizens are indifferent to throwing household garbage in rivers or forest tracts, without thinking about the fact that nature needs centuries to recycle this nonsense. Here, PET bottles are decomposed for 100 years, plastic is 400 years old, polyethylene bags are 20 years old, cloth is 3 months, paper 3 weeks.

In order to reduce the amount of waste, it is worth choosing reusable products; to avoid unnecessary packaging, but to favor packaging that can be used several times; to take everything you can put into recycling.

Remember about safety!

Resting on the territory of the national natural park "Synevyr", admiring the unique beauty of nature, do not forget about safety.

Do not climb in the mountains in unfavorable weather.

Do not hide under the solitary trees in the open air during a thunderstorm.

In a sudden meeting with wildlife keep calm, to avoid their aggression.

If you are lost and do not know how to find a way, follow the flow of any stream. He will take you to the village or the road.

On the territory of NNP "Synevyr" is prohibited:

- deviate from the specified route;

- swimming in the Synevyr Lake;

- damaging natural objects;

- to lay out tents and to hearth the hearths in places not designated for this purpose;

- to throw out unscathed defects;

- hack and damage trees, shrubs, tear flowers;

- hunt animals, destroy nests and burrows;

- to be in the territory with firearms;

- catching fish by any means.

Save the nature!

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