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On the occasion of the nature conservation worker day at NNP "Synevyr" a solemn meeting was conducted

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The protection of nature is closely interconnected with the human desire to use its wealth, properties and opportunities. The task of the workers of the nature reserve fund is one of the most difficult - to preserve and restore the natural ecosystems for future generations. Their significant contribution to the conservation and restoration of biological and landscape diversity is difficult to overestimate. Every year, on the 7th of July, in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine from 2009 and on the initiative of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, a professional holiday is celebrated - the Day of the Worker of Nature Conservation.

On the occasion of the holiday in the National Natural Park "Synevyr" today a solemn meeting took place. Director of NNP "Synevyr" Mykola Derbak noted the coordinated work of the team, as a result of which the institution is one of the leading leaders in the environmental field. "We have many achievements and even more plans. Our park knows everywhere and appreciates the work. Thank you all for dedicating work in the field of nature protection and I sincerely congratulate you on the holiday, "said Mykola Debrak, director of the NNP" Synevyr ".

We came to congratulate the environmentalists head of the Central Committee of the Union Forest Workers of Ukraine Vadim Sibilov, the head of the regional trade union of forest workers Volodymyr Ilkov, the head of the press-center of the regional branch Sergei Baranchikov. In their speeches, they marked the national park as an exemplary structure in respect for workers' rights. Vadim Sibilov handed to the director of the NNP "Synevyr" Mykola Derbak the award - an honorary badge "For the development of social partnership". Vladimir Ilkov awarded the chairman of the trade union committee, head of the recreation department of the NNP "Synevyr" Fedor Matichyn with an honorary diploma, and Sergey Baranchicov noted the regional newspaper "Synij Vyr" with a diploma.

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Vice-Chairman of the Mizhhirya Regional Council Ivan Kosty and the First Deputy Chairman of the Mizhhirya District State Administration Vasyl Boshota noted the key role of the national park in the development of tourism in the Mizhhirya region and a significant contribution to the development of the region. Vasyl Yurik, chairman of the Mizhhirya regional state administration, and Vasyl Shchur, chairman of the Mizhhirya regional council, awarded the staff of the NNP "Synevyr" with an honorary diploma "for their diligent work, high professionalism, and a significant contribution to the preservation and reproduction of natural resources".

An important role of NNP "Synevyr" in the development of local communities was noted by the chairman of the Kolochava village council Yuriy Klyvets and chairman of Synevyr village council Mykola Kuruts, because the cooperation of the park and the public is the key to the successful development of the entire region.

The prosecutor of the Mizhgirya district Bogdan Pylyp also congratulated the employees of the institution and wished success in hard work. In their speeches, the deputy directors and heads of the NNP "Synevyr" departments described separately about all aspects of the work of the institution and noted the tremendous progress in the work of the park. Despite all the livelier perspectives, the staff of the National Natural Park "Synevyr" carefully carries out its work in the noble cause of preserving the environment for future generations.

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