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7th of July - Day of nature conservation worker


Dear Environmental Guards, Employees of National Natural Park "Synevyr", colleagues!

One of the main issues that worries the world community - the state of the environment, its protection and conservation. National parks and nature reserves play a leading role in this context. Among them - NNP "Synevyr" is on the threshold of the 30th anniversary of its activities. It was created in 1989 and became one of the first national parks in Ukraine.

NNP "Synevyr" still remains the focal point of wildlife, where numerous species of flora and fauna have preserved, which are rare or disappearing. This is a biological diversity, like a landscape, putting together the national treasure, the wealth that God has given us and the generations to come. So our common cause is to take care of this gift.

Dear colleagues! I heartily congratulate you on the professional holiday - the Day of the worker of nature conservation. Your work is useful not only for the present but for the most part for the future. Care of nature is noble work. I wish you good health, inspiration, new ideas, good work.


Director of the National Natural Park “Synevyr”

06.07.2018 р.