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These days have turned 30 years since the foundation of the national natural park "Synevyr"


These days have turned 30 years since the foundation of the national natural park "Synevyr". Created in 1989, Synevyr became one of the first national parks in Ukraine. Its area is 43 thousand hectares.

The main areas of the National Natural Park "Synevyr" are occupied by conifers, mostly spruce forests, but there are beech primeval forests that have received the status of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

An outstanding monument of the nature of the park is the Synevyr lake - an wetland of international importance and one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine. It stretches between mountains at an altitude of 989 meters above sea level.

No less attractive is the Wild Lake located on the slopes of the Mountain Gropa, and the sphagnum oligotrophic swamps Glukhanya and Zamshatka, where a number of rare species grow, are always the object of intense attention of scientists.

In 2011, the NNP "Synevyr" created a rehabilitation center for brown bears, where the rehabilitation of animals of this species who were abused in captivity was established. The center occupies an area of 12 hectares. Now here in the semi-free conditions, 26 bears are kept.

The picturesque nature of the Synevyr National Natural Park attracts tourists from all over the world, which prompts active recreational and environmental education activities. There are motels, developed ecological, scientific-cognitive trails and tourist routes. The object of attention of visitors is also the ancient wooden churches - architectural monuments of the local ethnic group of boiky. More about the unique nature and cultural heritage of the region visitors are acquainted with the ecological visit center and 2 tourist information centers.

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